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Infusions: Sunset Beach - The mix of walnut crystals and dye colour are variable sized particles that dissolve at different rates. The colour particles are so fine and powdery that as soon as water touches them you instantly see bright colour. The walnut takes longer to absorb the water as it is more like a caster-sugar granule. There are many ways to use these features for different effects, but the most obvious is to vary the amount of water you use, and how soon you dry your surface. A light mist, and quick dry gives you lots of tint interesting color-dominant spots. For a lighter effect, blot with a paper towel instead of drying naturally or with a heat tool. With a more generous spritzing of water and after 10-20 seconds you will see the walnut crystals also intensively kick in and dissolve before your eyes. The longer you leave this process to occur, the more brown the final colour will become. Try blotting instead of drying with a heat tool for a softer version of your wet puddle. Brand: PaperArtsy

Infusions: Sunset Beach 15ml [P13]

SKU: 20240423_007
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