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Reignite Your Creativity: 7 Strategies for Overcoming a Creative Slump

This is something I often hear from customers and fellow creatives: "I want to make something and do something creative, but I feel so blocked" or "my craft mojo is gone" or "I feel so uninspired".

Selection of vintage fabrics embroidered with floral motifs

I try to make something almost every day. Big things, little things, good things, average things, failed (yes failed!) things.

With no pressure. No obsession to be perfect, but purely for the joy of picking up a pair of scissors, some paper and some glue.

Here are 7 strategies to reignite your creativity, get back to crafting and to get your groove back:

1. Do something smaller. Don't try and make a whole journal if you're not feeling inspired. Perhaps making a neutral envelope or a tag or the basis of a bellyband will get you started.

2. Create a mood board/box. Pull out some papers, embellishments, stickers, fabric and laces. Just to see how they look together. Don't do anything with them. Just let your ideas stew.

3. Try a technique you saw on social media. Use your ugly papers, so if you fail you did yourself a favour by learning a lesson and getting rid of the uglies.

4. Follow your random thoughts, for example: I wonder how a plain tag with gel medium and fabric run through an embossing folder and then waxed will turn out? Don't second guess your idea. Just do it. Even if you fail!

5. Have a craft-along with your social media or real life crafting friends and try to make the same thing. You'll inspire each other and it's always fascinating to see how different "the same" thing can turn out!

6. Try using a colour you normally avoid, it'll force you to try something new and not to fall back on old crafting habits.

7. And - as a last resort -(don't lie, most of you do this first) tidy up a bit. But not too much. 😉

Have you got any suggestions for getting your creative groove back? Leave a comment. Would love to hear from you!

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Another good one that always works for me is make something for a friend ❤️

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