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Romanticise your life

Have you heard of the “Romanticise your life” and “be the main character / leading lady in your life” trends? The ideas have been trending over social media for a while and have become intertwined with each other too. There are billions (yes, not hyperbole) of videos available showing how people romanticise their lives.


In theory it’s simple. Slow down, take time to make your daily tasks pretty, derive joy from the simple repetitive tasks that actually make up your life. Stop and smell (and buy and display) the flowers. Breathe. Make and eat good food. Make your surroundings pleasing and comfortable to you. Light candles. Don’t be busy. Listen to your own thoughts. Pay attention to the words and terms you use.  Wear clothes you love. Pay attention to the little things. The list goes on, but my favourite is taking the time to journal.


It is not only meant to be an aesthetic trend, but there’s no doubt that living life in an environment beautiful to you will generate positive emotions, reduce stress and create a sense of well-being.


I think it will make a very good “line a day” journal topic and theme.


A journal with the same prompt every day. “Today I romanticised my life by...”


Would you find something to add every day? Should we all be trying harder?


Let us know in the comments what you did to romaticise your life today, it may inspire other followers to try it too!

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Unknown member
Jan 13

I romanticised my life today by burning a awesome smelling candle in having a cup of tea and doing some Bible journaling✨💖✨

Unknown member
Jan 13
Replying to

Yes! That is PERFECT! Thanks for sharing

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